The next evolution
in gene therapy

StrideBio is leading the next evolution in gene therapy.

We are developing advanced-generation gene therapies to expand the treatment-eligible population and improve outcomes for patients with rare diseases and beyond. Our team is comprised of accomplished leaders and talented, passionate colleagues with a desire to translate innovative science into treatments. Together with our collaborators we are making rapid progress on our mission to bring novel medicines to patients who desperately need them. LEARN MORE

We STRIVE™ to innovate for patients.

Our goal is to create improved gene therapies, with a focus on evasion of neutralizing antibodies, enhanced tissue tropism and de-targeting, improved potency and manufacturability at scale. We are leveraging a powerful and proprietary structure-inspired adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector engineering (STRIVE™) platform, genetic construct design expertise and in-house manufacturing capability to create novel, best-in-class gene therapies with life-changing or curative potential. LEARN MORE

Stride BioOur novel gene therapy pipeline

targets diseases with significant unmet need and is designed to overcome the current limitations of first-generation gene therapies, with a current focus on rare disorders. LEARN MORE

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